The white markings you see on the road and in your lots are the work of Point Broadband, a county contractor, hired to establish fiber-based internet access in communities along Mt. Aetna Road. The work will consist of creating a slit trench and laying in the fiber, then filling and sealing the slit in the roadway. Boxes will be installed in lawns to provide service to indivudal homes. Most of these boxes will be flush mounted into the lawn surface.


This work is being done within the county right-of-way for the roads within Black Rock Estates, which is generally 25 feet on either side of the road from the centerline. There is also a 10 foot utility easement at the front and 8 foot easements at the sides and rear of every lot. They generally do not intend to use the easement space, but may be required to in some instances.


Once completed, this work will provide the neighborhood an alternative internet supplier to Antietam Broadband.