You may have received a flyer regarding a potentiai new Internet Service Provider covering Black Rock Estates. The Board is aware a resident is trying to start a new business in the community based on line-of-sight radio transmission between homes and a cellphone tower on the other side of the regional park. The provider would buy internet bandwidth from a fiber provider that services the tower and serve your home using an antenna on your roof. If there is no line-of-sight between your location and the tower, the supplier intends to set up a 'repeater' station on their roof to pass the signal to the tower.

The HOA does not sponsor, support, or otherwise endorse this provider or their system. Federal law and FCC regulations prohibit an HOA from limiting the use of such systems - including the antenna - in any way. The Board has no information about when this service might start, the rate structure offered, the bandwidth available, or the financial viability of the firm.